Power Readers

Power Readers (2007)
Decodable Reader-Writer Program

28 interactive, consumable books

Approved by Florida and other states

Written by Susan Ebbers, 
Illustrated by Cheryl Coville

  • For students in K and 1st grade
  • Any K-3 student learning to read

Power Readers are available 
through the publisher:

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Note: Turbo Readers (advanced decodable chapter series) coming soon



  • Review phonemic awareness skills and apply to connected text
  • Apply decoding skills by ﵮding out?words that follow a similar pattern:
    • Example from Book 10: short u words: mud, sun, fun, tub, but, up, Pug
  • Develop rapid word recognition through repeated readings
  • Develop fluency (accuracy, rate, expression) through repeated readings?
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Develop comprehension
  • Inspire motivation, confidence and a proud sense of?ÁN READ?
Book 26: Fish Tank

-nk ending

     Mr. Tink has junk.  He sets the junk in the tank.  The hunk of junk sinks fast.

Curriculum Design:
  • 28 interrelated decodable books designed for beginning readers
  • Carefully chosen short-vowel words integrated with limited sight words
  • Short stories (six pages) so beginners do not become frustrated
  • Students may color the line drawings and highlight targeted words
  • Consumable and interactive, with seven activity pages per book.
  • Pre-reading pages ensure readiness (sight words, decoding, vocabulary, etc.) and post-reading pages provide opportunities for application, comprehension, and expansion.
Suggested Pacing:
  • Ten minutes a day for the first read
  • Re-read the story several times in one week to build fluency
  • Eventually, read the story fluently and expressively in just a few minutes

Feedback for Power Readers:

These readers are wonderful. My sons have a tendency to try to substitute words by looking at the pictures. The way you've done  the illustrations, my sons cannot do that; they have to look at the words.   ~T. Kinney
Just wanted to let you know that we received the Power Readers yesterday afternoon and Zach and I started with Zap today. He LOVED it! He really enjoyed the activities. I made Zach a fancy folder to put his reading work in and he feels like such a big boy!
 ~S. Johnson
I have found the Power Reader books to be a terrific supplement to the Phonics Pathways reading program. They allow my son to practice reading after learning a new lesson.    
~ J. Rindflesh

As an educator, I like to know what  my goals and expectations are for my students and have a sense of direction as well. As a parent teaching my own daughter to read -- not a specialty of mine,  I felt perplexed as I bought curriculum after curriculum trying to ascertain the above mentioned in each program. I was reluctant to buy yet another thing. I received your Power Readers promptly and delved into them  right away with my daughter. I am so pleased with them!  Thank you. They were just the "missing link" I was looking for.  I now know how to bridge the gap between sounding out words and fluency. I now know what to expect of my  daughter and how to pace her. Thanks again.
~Jill Archer